Our concept

Four principles of the Isobox Concept

Wet-in-Wet production process

A sophisticated production process provides, all the polyester boxes of Isobox, the advantage of having a strong floor, no ridges in the sidewall and long life-time. The Wet-in-Wet process gains more strength throughout the whole body, because during de production all the panels are bonded and settled before the drying process is completed. Especially the body’s floor becomes resistant for heavy and high frequent loads.

The Italian design

Using stainless steel ensures the sleek and modern look of your refrigerated body. Besides the beautiful look, the usage of stainless steel guarantees that rust and corrosion will not occur on the body. Because the isothermal boxes are produced in a Wet-in-Wet process, it sets an eye on the smooth surface, without seeing the reinforcements defined on the sidewall.

The company Isobox

Creating great products with a long and sustainable lifetime is a serious top performance. Isobox is developing every day, by using customer stories/needs and the focus on our carbon footprint. For a production company like Isobox, this can only be executed be having experienced practitioners for several disciplines and an optimized production process. By continuously improving the product and process, we expand to be a durable business partner for a long term.

ATP/FRC Approval on every vehicle body

All the bodies built by Isobox are provided of a ATP certification. This is a European standard for isolation values and cooling performances. This means that a body is provided with a capacity to manage a temperature between +12°C to -20°C, during an outside temperature of +30°C.
Due the ATP/FRC approval, the Isobox boxes are suitable for transport throughout the whole of Europe.